(Lynne Brackett - Counseling)
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About our Practice

About Lynne Brackett

I started working as a Volunteer Counselor for Hospice in 1981.  My next job was at Spouse Abuse. There, I learned about empowering through communication, and how much a priviledge it is for a person to trust me enough to tell their story. Trust is something I have to earn from each client, not something I automatically have because I have a degree.

I entered private practice in 1986.  I have been on the board of the Leukemia Society, where I was involved in fundraising and setting up the Leukemia Support group.

For ten years during my private practice I had worked as a Clinical Supervisor for counseling students at RTS. I have gone to Kiev, Ukraine, to teach a course in Death And Dying for counseling students, as well as supervising potential counselors.

I have done speaking engagements for volunteer organizations and churches to train and educate volunteer crisis hotline workers.  I have run groups for sexual assault surviors.

Lynne Brackett

It's not about who is right or wrong, but helping people to change.

To be a counselor and have someone share their concerns, is a priviledge not a right.  My hope is that clients will feel empowered with more skills and knowledge.  I believe in healing.